Because communitee matters…

We understand the lengths people go to to raise funds. We believe everyone should be free to follow their heart and not be restrained by unnecessary costs and chasing donations.

So, whatever your cause, we've built a platform where you can promote your campaign through a temporary online shop, share it with your friends, family and followers, raise money and make good things happen. It's easy to use and there are no costs whatsoever - communitee does everything for you. And at the end of the campaign you receive all the profits.

Make it happen…

Do exciting things and we can help you reach more people and raise more money.


At communitee we carefully select and work alongside the very best suppliers and ensure they share the same quality standards, ethics and values as us.

We care about every stage of the garment production journey and are really proud of the traceability and sustainability of our supply chain.

Raw materials

We are continuously seeking to integrate more sustainable raw material, made using ethical practices in its manufacturing process.


We reduce our environmental impact and preserve the natural resources used in our manufacturing process.

Respecting people

Developing people and helping them to learn new skills, take pride in their work and improve working conditions. Our garments are produced in an ethical and positive work environment.

Your design here

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